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I know a little boy who isn't scared of monster, dragons or ghosts. What frightens this 14-year-old Matthew is much more terrifying an it's not make believe. Matthew is afraid of the drug addicts and the gangs who hang out on his block. And he gets real scared when his mother the only parent he ever known has to work late an leave him in the apartment alone no child should ever be this afraid.

Thousands of children face the consequences of gang violence each day. Family suffer children cry and people die. Individual like Matthew who seeks our help need your help.

Your contribution provides recreational scholarships to the summer and fishing program for youth. We are set up to give less fortunate kids who may not have the opportunity a chance to go fishing. Many kids would love to go fishing, or enjoy other outdoor activities, but their circumstances may not allow them to.

Every kid’s circumstances may be different. It may be the fact that they don't have anyone to take them fishing, or maybe they come from a broken home and just need a someone to go fishing with.

Some inner city kids may not have a place to fish or the means to go fishing. Some of the kids come from orphanages, where they have a disadvantage because they have no one to take them fishing.

Other kids may have special needs, their needs could be as basic as a slight learning disability to having intellectual and physical disabilities. Introducing these kids to fishing can be a wonderful experience for them.

Expose children and veterans, who may not otherwise get the opportunity, to the sport of fishing and the outdoors.
Encourage continued participation in fishing by developing skills in the children along with their parents.
Increase the awareness of all participants and help strengthen family relationships and local communities.
Offer education elements such as angler ethics, fish identification, and water safety to local youth and veterans.
Provide education and understanding to children about fish as a natural resource.
Develop skills that provide a lifelong hobby
To bring local fishing enthusiasts together

For our Veterans

What a Pair program is designed to support military personnel and their families, specifically targeting military members who have served our country, by creating an adaptive, (pairing a veteran with a youth) community based outdoor recreation experience through the sport of fishing. Kids will receive a free rod & reel, a tackle box and tackle. We offer large group events and small group events. Some of our events include a one week, all expenses paid fishing trip for a kid and parent.

Numerous studies have shown that traumatic events not only affect the psychological structures of the self, but also the attachment and meaning that link individuals and their families together. This program seeks to restore those disconnects, it allows military members a chance to have social interactions and bond with family members, while enjoying the sport of fishing.


•Restore in the home disconnect by increasing family interaction.
•Support positive social interactions with the civilian world.
•Encourage outdoor recreation as a therapeutic outlet.
•Empower Veterans to advocate for positive self growth and change.

Give an opportunity for our veteran and youth to visiting a new place, meeting new people and seeing and understanding the things.

I urge you to consider making a tax deductible gift of $25, $35, $50, $100, or more if at all possible for Amazing Fishing Club’s Mentoring Program that is helping so many youngsters today.

Your tax deductible gift will help get these children off the streets and give them a positive outlet that will help empower them to become productive adults in our society.

Please continue your leadership in our community development do your support amazing fishing club program. Your contribution provides recreational scholarships to the summer and after school program for our youth, veterans, and senior citizens.